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3 Ways To Manage Stress Through Self Awareness

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Stress is a given in life. However, through self-awareness we are able to better manage our stress.

Here are three simple ways for you to integrate self-awareness into stress management.

While these three ways of self-reflection allow us to brave our journey to self-awareness, they are also instrumental in managing stress.


Yoga allows us to check in on our mind-body connection. In yoga we can feel the areas we hold our stress and anxiety. By exercising and stretching out these areas we are challenging ourselves to also release the stress. Yoga is a wonderful way to release endorphins while also becoming self-aware.


Meditation is similar to yoga in that we are channeling our energy into becoming self aware. However, meditation specifically is channeling this energy into our spirit. What is causing our higher self stress?


Journaling can help us go even a step further than meditation. Journaling allows us to hone in on what is causing stress. We can write out any associations we have to stress, as well as what we need to help us release this energy. Sometimes just the action of writing down the thing we fear allows us to release it.

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