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FREE Dream Interpretation Exercise

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Windows to Wisdom® Free Dream Interpretation Exercise Use the following prompts to guide your dream interpretation journey & write down your answers in a journal!

Think of an intensely memorable dream. The dream doesn’t have to be a dream you had last night, it could be a recurring dream from your past. Journal your dream with as much detail as possible, the colors, the scene, the emotions, all the people, any objects, and what was said and done. Once you document all you can remember, go back to the dream and free associate to all the details.

Get started using these prompts.

1. How were you feeling in the dream? Try and remember any emotions that you associate with the dream itself. 2. Are there any corroborating, recurring thoughts between your dreams and your daily life? A situation or scenario that could have prompted the dream? 3. Consider all elements of your dream, and write them down. Try not to spare any detail here. 4. Which elements stand out to you? I encourage you to go back and free associate to this particular element, to begin to understand why it stood out to you. 5. Have you discovered something new? Dreams ARE the windows to the Unconscious mind, and I hope this is the start of your journey to unlock your unconscious! I hope you found this exercise valuable. Want to keep the journey going? I’m here for you every step of the way! Dreams: A Guide & Journal to Analyze Your Dreams is available on Amazon and includes 10 key principles to dream interpretation as well as 100+ blank pages for all your dream insights.

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