I've Been On 6 Retreats... Want To Know What They're Really Like? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Over the past 10 years, I've been lucky enough to attend six different wellness retreats. Want to know what they're really like? Keep reading.

Several years ago I found myself yearning for much-needed transformation when I faced the greatest challenge of my life. It was during this time that I contemplated having to quit or scale back from the work I loved in order to be more available for my family in crisis. I knew then that I needed more balance in every aspect of my life. I needed to catch my breath and get recentered. I needed space to reflect on what was next, what seemed possible given my family’s needs, and what I most needed & wanted... So I took a solo vacation and went to my first retreat instead.

It was at this retreat (and all those that followed) that I finally found the space to listen deeply to myself. Space without the distractions of my family, obligations to the daily routines of home and work. I gifted myself the opportunity for inner healing, for integrating new knowledge. To grow and be inspired by others.

Through the practices I learned that week and continuing them in my life, I integrated the seven pillars of health guided by Ayurvedic principles, including meditation and yoga. I regained work-life balance and walked away with an inspired mission to share my experience & knowledge with other women to help them manage worklife balance by integrating these very principles.

That first retreat changed the course of my life and offered me another vision of what was possible and if you're thinking about attending a retreat for the first time, here's what you should know:

1. The most important thing isn't the information, it's the integrated experience

Retreats give us the opportunity to be fully immersed and apply knowledge through integrating experiences. We learn by doing. We can underline in self-help books, listen to podcasts, get degrees, and yet it’s in the being and the doing that can provide us with a new impactful experience.

2. Frequency is what deepens the work

There is truly nothing more powerful than hours together, deepening this connection to yourself in ways you can't get any other way. Have you ever wished for more time to apply techniques, to step back and reflect on life or to find ways to integrate the work you do with your coaches and therapists? In psychoanalytic work, it’s the deepening process of more frequent visits that helps us get to the heart of the matter. Giving us time to get to the deeper stories, to see the full picture, building trust and trust in ourselves to look honestly. Being able to have some real 24/7 "me" time is a rare opportunity.

3. The time truly flies by

One week seems like a big commitment at first but once you’re there, you are immersed in new experiences of yourself and others. My biggest concerns were being away from my family for so long. Or taking extra time off away from my patients and clients. In reality, everybody was fine and there are others to carry the load when I’m not around thinking I have to do it all. Time flies and it’s bittersweet to leave new friends and a beautiful location to return to life at home. But we return better for it.

4. There's something powerful about getting away & disconnecting from your everyday routine

When you have the priviledge of taking a real break, you realize that sometimes there’s no other way to change unless you disrupt the regular routines. Let’s face it, so much competes for our attention these days. Let yourself have this time. Quiet the noise of life so you can listen to yourself.

5. Having someone else plan the day is a gift

It was such a treat to go and have everything planned. I showed up and the guides provided me the space to expand myself and to receive. Usually, it’s me planning the vacations and guiding others through their growth experiences. If like me, you’re the planner in your family or caring & healing others, then you really need this if only to feel what it is to receive. To be able to surrender for the day.

6. There's a unique feeling of pride when your're taking care of yourself

I may have regrets about the Mercedes or the Stuart Weitzman boots or the grand total of money spent eating out or entertaining but I have never regretted spending the time or financially investing in any of the retreats.

Each one inspired me, expanded my awareness, encouraged me, offered me opportunities to continue to grow, and it felt good to prioritize my emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Plus, I was able to write them all off because I am a therapist & healer. Retreats are education too!

7. Trying something new by yourself ignites a new sense of adventure

It felt a bit scary going where I knew no one, knowing that the mission was to grow, to look at myself to discover new ways of being. Some of the experiences really stretched me outside my comfort zone like the equine experience where I had to work guiding a horse with my energy. The hardest part was standing in front of everyone in the middle of that arena feeling vulnerable as I struggled with something new. It was a powerful experience and I walked away empowered instead of intimidated, supported instead of judged. This has been my experience in every retreat.

Retreats offer such a unique experience that you truly cannot get anywhere else. I love being able to bring together the most transformative aspects of my past retreat experiences to give other women the same rewarding escape.

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