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Awaken the Power Within

Integrative Holistic Healing Through The Unconscious Mind

Ease your mind, restore your body, & connect with yourself at this luxurious one-day escape. Leave with an open mind & open heart feeling centered, inspired, and replenished.



What Can You Expect?


A Path to Awareness

Take the time to uncover & reflect on what’s really going on and what might be holding you back in your life right now. Self-awareness is the key to living a happy, fulfilling life full of meaning and I'll teach you how to build that awareness within yourself.


A Path to Joy

When was the last time you did something you wanted, just because you wanted to? This is an opportunity to claim your joy. It's an opportunity to connect with yourself and others and feel the support of other caring women. 


A Path to Wellness

The activities and experiences planned are meant to guide you in creating a healthy balanced lifestyle long after you leave. Learn how to balance yourself through your senses. Lean into the quiet of meditation. Discover how to make positive, lasting lifestyle changes for better mind-body health.

Spyre Center New Orleans Windows to Wisdom Retreats

The Venue


Nestled just outside of the Garden District in New Orleans, The Spyre Center is a holistic hub putting well-being for mind and body conveniently within reach. Its gorgeous design & inspiring spaces make the perfect backdrop for a day of refreshment & replenishment. With its airy look and peaceful feel, you'll find just what you most need at this luxurious retreat venue.



Jamie Cromer Grue knows how to host a meaningful retreat. Aside from attending multiple personal growth retreats herself, she has been hosting her own women's wellness retreats for over 3+ years now. She offers a unique East-meets-West integration of both Ayurvedic & Psychoanalytic techniques aimed at providing total mind-body wellness and balance. 




Through her in-depth courses,  step-by-step guides, and transformative retreats, Jamie Cromer Grue is redefining self-care. Caring for yourself starts with knowing yourself – self-awareness is self-care. After 25 years of practicing as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Board-Certified Psychoanalyst, she's helped so many women find the answer to this crucial question: What do you most need right now? 

Jamie proves that by integrating simple psychoanalytic concepts & mind-body techniques, you can remove any roadblocks on your journey to living a more fulfilling and balanced life. 

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what women are saying:

“I loved every minute of it. It was an interesting and unique experience for me to be around such a different group of women and in such a safe and intimate manner."


Happy Friends Laughing
Eyes Closed


Enjoy a rewarding day of transformative personal growth experiences, self-discovery workshops, and full mind-body reset. Jamie has curated the most impactful & restorative experiences to put you back on the path to awareness, joy, and wellness.

  • Primordial Sound Meditation

  • 3 Keys to Unlock Your Best Life

  • Power of the Unconscious Workshop

  • Letting Go of Shame & Guilt

  • Inner Compass Journey

  • Nourishing Lunch

  • Balancing Through the Senses

  • Model for Making Change






words from wise women:

Women Practicing Yoga

“Amazing and powerful! Completely exceeded all of my expectations. You are a gifted teacher. Thank you so much.”


Students learning together_edited.jpg
SPACE IS LIMITED          REGISTRATION ENDS 10/31         SPACE IS LIMITED        REGISTRATION ENDS 10/31          SPACE IS LIMITED                   

How long is the retreat?

The retreat is from 8:30am - 5:00pm on Saturday, November 12th 2022. You'll have one whole day to relax & connect with yourself uninterrupted. If you've never been on a retreat before, this type of one-day escape is the perfect opportunity to see what it's all about! Who knows, you may love it so much you need 7 whole days in Costa Rica as well...


How much is the retreat?

Tickets to the one-day retreat are $350. This includes a catered lunch (let us know if you have any dietary restrictions!) and a complimentary Windows to Wisdom® gift bag.


Are you already thinking you don't have the time or the money?!

We always have the time. It's when we don't give ourselves the proper time and space we need for ourselves that the issues we've resisted come forth in other ways. This is an investment in yourself… I’ve done all the planning for you. I’ve curated inspiring experiences, the wisdom of 25 plus years of clinical work & 5,000 years of ancient healing so you can discover new insights, learn new techniques, and leave feeling more grounded, more inspired, more self-aware, more confident, and ready to continue making your personal & professional growth a priority.


This is for you if...

  • You're open & ready for growth.

  • You want to learn science-backed healing & wellness techniques to best care for yourself.

  • You're curious to learn more about and connect deeper with yourself.

  • You know you're not your best self if you're not setting aside time & space for yourself.

  • You relish the thought of leaving your phone and laptop at home for the day.

This is not for you if...

  • You’re not ready for growth.

  • You can’t arrive with an open heart & mind.

  • You’re overly critical of others.

  • You’re not ready to commit to being open and honest with yourself.

  • You’re not willing to do inner work.

  • You’re in an actual crisis, in this instance, I would recommend one-on-one counseling before you register for a group retreat.

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our mission

Windows to Wisdom® is focused on guiding women to build self-awareness, balance mind/body/spirit, and take meaningful action in their lives.

Jamie's unique experience as both a Board-Certified Psychoanalyst and a Certified Chopra Instructor has informed her integrated approach to balance and wellness.


It is through that integration of Psychoanalytic and Ayurvedic techniques that she can guide you to the life you've always dreamed of and the one you’re meant to live.

Balance & wellness is not a one size fits all journey. Let Windows to Wisdom help you find and assemble the unique pieces you need for a personalized blueprint for self-care, self-discovery, and living your purpose.

Have a few more questions or just want to chat about this experience? I'm here for you! Click below to schedule a 15-min consultation call with me and I'll be happy to address any of your concerns and answer any questions about the retreat experience.

We strive to create space for women inclusive of race, ethnicity, religion, & gender identity.

We value an open, kind, & accepting space as we all learn and grow.

Join us in creating a safe space for reflection & personal growth too all who attend.

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