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Self-Discovery Journaling Bundle

Self-Discovery Journaling Bundle

$35.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price

For a limited time, get Window Into You: A Guide & Journal for Self-Analysis and the 30-Day Online Challenge in one affordable bundle for just $20.


What You'll Get:


  • Guided Online 30-Day Journaling Program with daily curated prompts and insights for self-growth and self-discovery
  • Access to Journaling Program community and community discussions
  • Window Into You: A Guide & Journal for Self-Analysis E-Book loaded with over 300+ journal prompts addressing self-esteem, self-awareness, early life, mind/body/spirit, motivation, patterns, relationships, values, life plans, and career.
  • Informational handouts on Free-Associative Journaling, Self-Analysis, and the Unconscious mind
  • Free expert resources like the Emotion Wheel and Balance Wheel
  • Inspirational Quotes to Motivate
  • 100+ Blank Journal Pages


… all for only $20!



After just 30 days, 100% of journal participants:

  • Reported greater feelings of confidence
  • Built self-esteem
  • Discovered something new about themselves
  • Felt glad they committed to the journal challenge


Less than a dollar a day for results that are priceless?


Investing in yourself doesn't get easier than this.


Have you been struggling to find true satisfaction and fulfillment in your everyday life? Are repeated patterns & old self-beliefs keeping you from growing personally and professionally? Do you love to journal (or the idea of journaling)? 


Growth is possible. And it starts with self-awareness.


Why a Self-Analysis Journal?

Your experience of past events, patterns of relationships, and your wishes and fears shape your experience of yourself in the world, and it is even present with colleagues, friends, and family members.


Much is outside of our awareness, and only when revealed can we begin to be free from what we can’t see and the limitations. When you open those windows into your deepest self and shine the light on the root of your self-doubt, anxiety, and struggles, you can then reveal your truth, a more expanded reality, your path and tap your true potential.

So how can we access our unconscious mind?


When we focus on becoming more self-aware, we are able to better open these windows to the unconscious.


Grab your journal, relax, and start writing any and everything that comes to mind, allowing yourself to dump out all your thoughts in writing onto paper without judgment - just letting your mind flow.

If we can trace together these streams of thought, we may uncover repressed thoughts, feelings, and memories. Once we recognize patterns within our unconscious mind, we can take purposeful actions to change the direction of these thoughts and how they manifest themselves in our conscious lives.

Praise for Jamie Cromer Grue:


"Her personalized approach to self-care has changed the way I care for myself (message to my 2020 self: face masks don’t fix everything 😆) With this self-assurance from knowing myself, I can really tune in with myself at any moment to give myself exactly what I need." - Elizabeth


"Jamie is highly skilled and has this warm, nurturing way of making everyone feel comfortable and safe. She introduced tools and practices to help us answer questions; such as, “What do I most need to know right now?” and “What does a life of intention look like?" - Leigh


"Jamie guided me through a visualization process for answers I had been searching for. Every time I listened to it, I experienced a more vivid picture with clearer answers. The Inner Compass Journey will provide you with a perspective you didn't know you'd find, and I recommend it with all of my being." - Jess


Want a physical journal to write & scribble in? I've got you!


Purchase the paperback 7x10 journal & guide on Amazon by clicking here.

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