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Window's Into Change

Grab this guide complete with journaling experiences, that can prepare your conscious and unconscious mind for positive and lasting change at any time!

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Created by Jamie Cromer Grue

Licensed Clinical Social Worker ACSW FABP TA

Board-Certified Psychoanalyst

Certified Chopra Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor

I teach psychologically-minded women a framework for self-care supported by self-analysis & self-awareness to help them build a balanced and purposeful life.

Balance & wellness is not a one size fits all journey. Learn the unique ways to care for yourself the way YOU need in order to grow personally & professionally.


Let’s build you a personalized blueprint for self-care, self-discovery, and living your purpose.

Why You Need This


So You're Ready For Change?

Then it's time to lean into the process of preparing for change that lasts...


It's Going To Be Different This Time

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. Successfully reach your goals by applying psychoanalytic techniques. Dig deeper and you will discover more.


Commit to your goals by understand why it's right for you


Learn to understand what's subconsciously stopping you


Monitor your progress with purposeful journaling prompts


Time to Create Change


Take this time to choose real and sustainable change for yourself in 2022!

Save Inside The

Learning Space

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