Mind-Body Hacks: 6 Calming Activities to Rebalance After Work

The everyday stressors we encounter daily can take a toll on our mind-body health. Unwind and reset your evenings with these six calming activities sure to bring peace and balance to your mind, body, & spirit!

Making space & time for calming mind-body activities can help us fully relax after a long day and be more present to enjoy our precious personal time in the evenings.

1. Soak, Float, or Swim

Release stress & tension with the healing effects of water. The warm water will trigger contracted muscles to relax and keep them loose! Take a dip in a pool or run a warm bath. There are even businesses offering special pods designed just for floating if you really connect with this kind of relaxation!

2. Walking Meditation

Meditation helps us to be more present in the here and now. Feel grounded in the moment as you mindfully take each step. Be intentional about remaining present. See what you notice as you go.

3. Listen to Music & Calming Sounds

Music connects with the automatic nervous system and can hit the "off switch" on your body's stress response. What music relaxes you? If you're not sure, start practicing self-awareness when you're listening to music and pay attention to how you feel.

4. Laugh Out Loud

Laughter stimulates circulation and aids in muscle relaxation, both of which help in reducing some of the physical symptoms of stress. Laughter also triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemical that promotes an overall sense of well-being. Try listening to a comedic podcast you enjoy or turn on a comedy special! If you have any favorites, leave any recommendations in the comments!

5. Journal

Have a habit of ruminating on the day? Get your journal and a pen and LET IT OUT! Getting your thoughts & feelings out on paper can be a therapeutic way to ditch the day's baggage and move on with enjoying your evening.

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6. Read

Put down the news and pick up a novel! Reading novels has been shown to reduce anxiety. One study showed reading just for six minutes a day can reduce stress by 68%! Let your mind explore fictional worlds while your worries dissolve.

Which of these activities would you try?

I love walking meditations, journaling, and listening to calming music ☺️ Leave me a comment and let me know which activities speak to what you most need right now!

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