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Hi there!

I'm Jamie.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker ACSW FABP TA

Board-Certified Psychoanalyst

Certified Chopra Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor

I teach psychologically-minded women a framework for self-care supported by self-analysis & self-awareness to help them build a balanced and purposeful life.

Balance & wellness is not a one size fits all journey. Learn the unique ways to care for yourself the way YOU need in order to grow personally & professionally.


Let’s build you a personalized blueprint for self-care, self-discovery, and living your purpose.



Have you been struggling to find true satisfaction and fulfillment in your everyday life? Are repeated patterns & old self-beliefs keeping you from growing personally and professionally? 


Growth is possible. And it starts with self-awareness.

Sign up for Window Into You: The 30-Day Journaling Challenge to increase your self-awareness and finally uncover what's been getting in your way. (Btw... it's free!)

Access These FREE Transformative Resources to Shed Light on Your Unique Needs

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My Signature 3-Minute Beginner "I Am" Meditation®

The Beginner Self-Analysis Starter Kit®

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My Virtual Windows to Wisdom® Mini-Retreat

Start Yor Journey
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Jamie is highly skilled and has this warm, nurturing way of making everyone feel comfortable and safe. 


She introduced tools and practices to help us answer questions; such as, “What do I most need to know right now?” and “What does a life of intention look like?"

Leigh H.

Her personalized approach to self-care has changed the way I care for myself (message to my 2020 self: face masks don’t fix everything 😆)



With this self-assurance from knowing myself, I can really tune in with myself at any moment to give myself exactly what I need.

Leighton S.

I was amazed at how the I Am Meditation calmed my anxiety and changed my mindset from uneasiness to confidence.







Thank you for creating this meaningful journey!

Kelley E.

Jamie guided me through a visualization process for answers I had been searching for. Every time I listened to it, I experienced a more vivid picture with clearer answers.


The Inner Compass Journey will provide you with a perspective you didn't know you'd find, and I recommend it with all of my being.

Jess F.

Through her in-depth courses,  step-by-step guides, and transformative retreats, Jamie Cromer Grue is redefining self-care. Caring for yourself starts with knowing yourself –

self-awareness is self-care. After 25 years of practicing as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Board-Certified Psychoanalyst, she's helped so many women find the answer to this crucial question: What do you most need right now? 

Jamie proves that by integrating simple psychoanalytic concepts & mindbody techniques, you can remove any roadblocks on your journey to living a more fulfilling and balanced life. 

jamie cromer grue.heic
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 Results that last


Do you set goals or resolutions for yourself year after year, yet your motivation to change sputters out after just a few weeks or months? We've all been there at some point in our lives. It's about course correction.


With my new course, Create Sustainable Change, you can be sure it's going to be different this time.

The Windows to Wisdom® Create Sustainable Change course is my most robust blueprint for making significant lifestyle or habit changes. I'll guide you step-by-step through a self-analytic process to finally be the master of your own life. 

When you learn these simple yet profound ways to support and sustain real change in your life, you'll never look at your goals the same way again.

In this course, you will...

✨ Commit to your goals by understanding why it's right for you

✨ Learn to understand what's subconsciously stopping you

✨ Monitor your progress with purposeful journaling prompts


I'm so excited to share these easy and effective psychoanalytic techniques with you to help you achieve the change & transformation you've been working towards!

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